9 Weeks Young and Then There Were 8

DSC_1177 (800x532)

Forster. What a beautifully positioned caravan park! Right on the shores of the river, sheltered behind a hill, the perfect place to wait out a few days of rain! It rained for about 12 hours straight, then stopped for a few, then it rained again for the next 12! We were not upset though, because halfway through the drenching, our dear buddies and fellow Eagle/Prado enthusiasts the Coopers arrived to join us in not so sunny Forster! And then there were 8.

DSC_1184 (800x532)

They got rained out when they tried out Yuraygir National Park further north. It’s not fun camping out when its raining. Apart from the rain and the mud and the cabin fever, you really need to be plugged in so you at least have the TV for the kiddies once all the laptops go flat. So, they hightailed it south to join us and wait out the weather.

DSC_1187 (800x532)

Our next destination seemed a fairly easy choice. There were a few campsites to choose from in the Myall Lakes National Park. We figured we would just cruise on down and pick the best of them. We packed up while watching the storm clouds roll in for another round of pelting rain in Forster. That made for a world record pack up pace and we were on the road by 8.30am! Not to mention the fact that we were racing Cory and Jenny to see who could pack up the fastest…. Then we hit the road with our new convoy! CB radios at the ready!

IMG_4720 (800x800)

We found a nicely placed pub in Buladelah and waited out a huge storm with a counter meal and a middie (that’s a NSW pot) and followed the meandering road through the National Park til we came across the lake crossing, and crossed in style.

IMG_4718 (800x598)DSC_1189 (800x532)

It wasn’t the first time we wished we had amphibious vehicles!

DSC_1193 (800x532)

The perfect campground awaited us just down the road at Mungo Brush.

DSC_1205 (800x532)

Perched on the shores of Bombah Sound, just a sand dune away from the ocean.

IMG_4731 (800x800)

The sound at night was the gentle lapping of the lake water with the roar of the ocean contrasting in the background….. it actually kind of sounded like a dishwasher! And it was very cool to meet our awnings and have a common patio with a water view!

DSC_1192 (800x532)

Look Nathan – WAVEs!!

DSC_1201 (800x532)DSC_1198 (800x532) DSC_1199 (800x532)

Our mornings were fun frolics on the lakeshore. It was a beautiful sandy bottom and shallow for miles. Not too freezing….. just right.

DSC_1202 (532x800)

Then we went on the Rip Curl Search…. we went a little bit off road and learnt a little bit of a lesson….

DSC_1226 (532x800)

Found some mad sand dunes, but we had nothing to ride them on.

DSC_1234 (800x532)

For some reason Brian wouldn’t let us use his surfboard!

DSC_1230 (532x800) DSC_1233 (532x800) DSC_1232 (532x800)

The afternoons were spent bushwalking:

IMG_4759 (800x800)

Then the evenings were ripe for a twilight paddleboard:

IMG_4753 (598x800) IMG_4752 (800x598) IMG_4751 (800x598)

The water was onyx, the pelicans and the swans glide out of your way, the cormorants watch you warily, and it is peace, pure peace. Once you get out of earshot anyway.

IMG_4723 (598x800)

But with 4 parents, and 4 kids, our lives are a little bit easier! Especially since Jasper now thinks he is an honorary Cooper!

IMG_4719 (480x480)

He and Lily are almost the same age and they are really enjoying each other’s company. Jasper is opening up to the world of Barbie and Tinkerbell, while trying to educate Lily on the wonders of Autobots and Decepticons! I think Barbie is winning at the moment.

The next day we went back to the sand dunes, this time with an old beer carton to ride! We didn’t get it from the recycling bin, but we did have a look in there to see if we could find something better…. luckily to no avail.

IMG_4743 (598x800) IMG_4740 (598x800)

Brian is loving having a partner in crime:

IMG_4749 (800x598)

But where was Cory when Brian most needed him? Asleep. Brian went for an early morning surf, the surf was no good but he got accosted by a dingo that followed him all the way to the beach and back.
DSC_1207 (800x532)

It wasn’t a friendly dingo either.
DSC_1206 (800x532)
And it howled while it was waiting for Brian on the beach! Brian stood on the sand and there were hundreds of dolphins surfing in the waves, a couple of humpbacks further out the back, and then this bloody dingo waiting for him atop the dune. Cory is the wildlife man, and Brian had need of his counsel. Instead, he had only his wits and his surfboard to defend him, and he somehow made it past the dingo without injury.

The lake was safer.

DSC_1210 (800x532)

And the sunsets…..

DSC_1220 (800x532)

were divine:

DSC_1211 (800x532)

Yesterday we said our goodbyes to Myall Lakes and drove through Newcastle to find ourselves at The Entrance.

IMG_4762 (800x598)

We are surrounded by rain. Last night we got the wildest storm at about midnight. The thunder and lightning were right on top of us. We said to each other, gee it’s amazing there isn’t any wind…… then the wind kicked in and both our vans nearly lost our awnings. Brian and I, Cory and Jen wordlessly ran outside in the howling wind and lashing rain and pulled in our aluminium awnings amid the lightning strikes! Then we all jumped back in our vans soaked and shivering to recover! The rain was so cold. Then we listened to the rolling, almost continuous thunder roll away and prayed to the weather gods that we wouldn’t get any hail! And we didn’t. Yet. More storms are expected tonight, we will have our awnings down and the hatches battened BEFORE the storm this time! We should be heading to Katoomba and the Blue Mountains next but will be checking the weather/fire report prior to departure tomorrow. Bloody rain. Piss off!

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2 thoughts on “9 Weeks Young and Then There Were 8

  1. Nathan

    Ah, the waves. Brian told me they were good, and now I see how good they were. We had a major hail storm up on the sunny coast. Have a look on the net if you haven’t already:)

  2. Linsay Gadsby

    Yep we’ve survived the hail, storms here too, but definitely feel safer in a house. You better make sure these storms are’nt around when we bike down and set up the 3 man tent.
    Now we’ll have to call Brian and Cory the revived Leyland bros!!! Hehe!!!
    All pretty scenery when the weather is beautiful and sunny!!! Enjoy!!! Xx

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