Our Barossa Blitz

Ahhh Barossa.

What a legendary spot!  How many times have you cracked a bottle of Barossa Valley wine without even a second thought of from whence it came?

DSC_1321 (800x532) DSC_1355 (532x800) DSC_1331 (800x532)


For weeks now we have been watching it on the map as we edged ever closer.  After Adelaide, it was an easy one hour drive to Tanunda – our Barossa base.

DSC_1305 (800x532)

The caravan park caretakers were anal about their grass sites but it paid off!

IMG_5926 (800x800)

The sites were such verdant green lawn that we never wanted to leave!  We arrived on another 40 degree day, but it hardly mattered in the shade, and in the pool.  We thought, what better refreshment than some wine!!

IMG_5931 (598x800)

So, off we headed on day 1 of our epic wine tour.

Peter Lehman’s was our first stop.  A gorgeous setting in a historic building with a long tasting list.

DSC_1306 (800x532)

The chilled rose was the clear favourite for us here as we sampled each wine with a sleeping Dash, and the other 2 playing quietly behind us.

IMG_5930 (598x800) DSC_1311 (800x532) DSC_1308 (800x532)

Just down the road was Langmeil wines.  Another beautiful old winery with a long tradition.  After sampling the main list we asked if we could try their flagship shiraz which, at $50 a bottle, must be good right?

DSC_1312 (532x800)DSC_1313 (800x532)  IMG_5936 (598x800)

Now normally, shiraz is not my drop at all but this one is more than shiraz.  It’s like a party in your mouth!  And the pricetag of the Orphan Bank Shiraz is hefty not particularly for the quality of the wine, but the fact that it is yielded from only 3 acres of over 100 year old shiraz vines.

IMG_5935 (598x800)

So we walked out of there a bit poorer, with a Shiraz and a Rose, but so much richer as well!!

Between the heat and the wine, we were left craving one thing: beer of course! It was fortuitous that the Barossa Brewing company was right next door to the caravan park!

IMG_5937 (598x800) DSC_1316 (800x532)

The Organic Ale was a lovely refreshing drop! Funny thing about South Australian beer is they call a pot a schooner and a schooner a pint and if you want an actual pint, its called an imperial.   Lucky we are getting plenty of practice.

The next day we started early with a visit to Turkey Flat.  They had an annoying dog which mauled Jasper’s toy possum, but also had a nice Rose.

IMG_5948 (598x800) IMG_5947 (800x598) IMG_5944 (598x800)

Rockford Wines was one of the more popular ones, it had a winning Sauvignon Blanc and a gorgeous setting with old stables and barns surrounding a central courtyard.

DSC_1324 (532x800) DSC_1323 (800x532) DSC_1322 (800x532)

 I don’t think they actually make much wine on site these days though.  Jasper enjoyed the jam tasting next door but he was disappointed with our choice of the eggplant pickle!  Yummo!

IMG_5953 (598x800) IMG_5951 (598x800)

Jacob’s Creek was an expansive and impressive property with a creek meandering through the vineyards.

DSC_1333 (800x532) DSC_1329 (800x532) DSC_1327 (800x532)

The wines were only ok though.  For once, we didn’t buy a bottle here!

IMG_5961 (598x800)IMG_5959 (800x598)

Seppeltsfield was a small hamlet where one of the original wine families – the Seppelts had built up their wine dynasty.  DSC_1339 (800x532)

The date palms lining the roads were planted during the depression when wine prices crashed  to keep all their workers busy.

 DSC_1341 (800x532) DSC_1340 (800x532)

 They had some nice cider here, Brian ran in while I waited in the car with the sleeping babes.  I was the driver 😦

IMG_5967 (800x598)

We stopped in at 2Hands but they wanted a cheeky $5 ‘donation’ to do the tasting, so we did not partake!

IMG_5966 (800x598)

Whistler Wines had a band playing, a playground and a beautiful Sauv Blanc so we grabbed a couple of bottles, a couple of glasses, and an ice bucket and finished the day relaxing while the boys ran amuck!

IMG_5973 (598x800) IMG_5971 (598x800) IMG_5970 (800x598)

Finally on day 3, it was Brian’s turn to drive so I did the full list at the wierd museum-like Chateau Dorrien where the sweet red Cab Sauv was just delicious!

DSC_1344 (532x800) DSC_1345 (800x532) IMG_5976 (598x800)

They also had flavoured mead.

IMG_5977 (800x598)

We had never tasted anything like the Jaffa Mead, it would be amazing over ice cream, but our freezer space is so small….

The Yalumba winery was perhaps my favourite of all.

IMG_5984 (800x598) IMG_5982 (598x800)

Gorgeous old buildings, a kids corner, and delicious wines.

IMG_5980 (800x598) IMG_5979 (598x800) DSC_1352 (800x532)

 They do free freight if you buy 12 bottles, something to remember for when we get home!  We bought a lovely GSM called The Strapper.  We just cracked this one last night with a steak.  Yummo! But it was a hard choice to narrow it down.

We finished the experience at Bethany Wines which is one of the very original places, they even use a gravity fed technique to make their wine.  Their Reisling was so nice!

DSC_1365 (800x532) DSC_1364 (800x532)

I think the weather again influenced us greatly with our wine choices.  We ended up with refreshing Sauv Blancs and Roses with a couple of exceptions.  It was really nice to be able to immerse ourselves in the district rather than doing a tiring day trip from Adelaide.  We could have easily done another day, but alas, our wine cellar is full to the brim now.

IMG_5992 (800x800)

On the way out of the valley, we went past the property where Macleods Daughters was filmed.  We missed the Gungellan pub though!  The homestead has been turned into a boutique hotel so this is as close as we could get.

DSC_1366 (800x532)

We did find this as well:

IMG_5945 (800x800)

We have parted company with our dear friends the Cooper family.  After Adelaide, they really needed to get moving, while we are in a lower gear.  So Lily and Jasper had a bit of a cuddle, I don’t think Jasper believed he wouldn’t see her again.  He keeps asking ‘why don’t we visit Cory and Jenny and Lily anymore?’

DSC_1356 (800x532)

We will see them again one day!  It was so great to have them with us for the last 3 months.  Now they are almost at the Nullabor, while we are in the Flinders Ranges.

So that was our Barossa.  We will be enjoying the spoils for weeks to come, after all, it’s a long way to Margaret River!

DSC_1350 (532x800)


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