Excellent Eyre Peninsula

So we headed south from Flinders, all the way down to the Eyre Peninsula and Tumby Bay to a cute little caravan park with a very welcome laundry. It was a big drive.

IMG_6192 (800x598)

The beach was beautiful, the town was quaint.

IMG_6190 (800x598)

Triple J’s One Night Stand was here a couple of years ago if you are wondering why you have heard of Tumby Bay. Not much else going on but the odd Razor Fish! Lookout!

IMG_6191 (800x598)

Port Lincoln is the home of not only Makybe Diva,

IMG_6202 (800x800)

but also the highest number of millionaires per capita of any Australian city! The lucrative seafood trade drives this town; from oysters to bluefin tuna to king George whiting and blue swimmer crabs, those Asians are insatiable! They say the seafood benefits from the super cleanliness of the ocean so it’s better here than anywhere else.

IMG_6206 (800x598)

I guess they forget about the big factories at the top of the gulf and the Whyalla Steelworks when the make that claim. It was very fresh and very tasty anyway and we cooked up a feast by our campsite in Lincoln National Park.

IMG_6213 (598x800) IMG_6212 (598x800) IMG_6215 (800x598)

We paired it sweetly with a Barossa Reisling from Bethany Wines. Ahhh perfection! The little blue swimmer crabs were a bit more fiddly to eat than a big full mud crab and the flesh was really soft so it was a longlasting meal.

It was a beautiful campsite here. Right on the beach again. But the weather was a little chilly so this time the water wasn’t as inviting. Jasper and Dash made friends with a little boy the same age as Jasper named Jotah. Jotah we have your Lightening McQueen if you are reading this!! Don’t worry, we will look after him for you! The boys had a great time being boys in the bush. Within reason.

DSC_0119 (800x532) DSC_0122 (800x532)

It wasn’t until our next campsite at Coffin Bay National Park that we saw a baby Brown snake and a massive Redback spider and we were reminded that the bush isn’t actually all that safe!


We conquered part of the track between the Wanna-Sleaford dune systems in Lincoln NP.

IMG_6232 (480x640) IMG_6222 (598x800) IMG_6230 (480x640)

We thought we were pretty cool flying up and down the sand dunes and we finally found out what our car can do!

DSC_0133 DSC_0135

It took us forever to pump our tyres back up with our tiny 12v compressor that actually is more suited to bike and pram tyres though.

Coffin Bay was full of scenes like this:

DSC_0141 (800x532) DSC_0139 (800x532)

Looks like something straight out of a tourist brochure. Ridiculously beautiful.

DSC_0147 (800x532)

But the campground was miles away from anything and infested with redbacks and brown snakes, so it was only a one-nighter and we had a weary drive to get ourselves here to the gorgeous Streaky Bay.

DSC_0168 (800x532)DSC_0177 (800x532)

Happiness is a caravan park after lots of bush camping. Even more happiness is when said caravan park is right on the beach!

IMG_6362 (800x598) IMG_6366 (800x598) IMG_6363 (800x598)

On the way here, was the odd Murphy’s Haystacks in the middle of a sheep field just off the highway.

IMG_6310 (800x800) IMG_6304 (800x598) DSC_0161 (532x800)

It had a certain ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ sort of vibe and I kept an extra close eye on the boys! I think they are simply caused by erosion though, not left by aliens or anything. The aboriginals might have a different story I suppose…

Today we continued on the search, the Rip Curl Search. Your mission: to look at every surf spot on Australia and make sure there are no waves.

DSC_0150 (532x800)

Actually we did find some surf.

DSC_0188 (800x532) DSC_0209 (800x532) DSC_0208 (800x532) DSC_0207 (800x532)

But there was no surfing done due to extreme remoteness and the not enough surfers/too many sharks ratio.

IMG_6198 (800x800)

Sharks are scary and they are real and they are here. Just ask the sealions at the Point Labatt colony next door to the surf spot.

DSC_0192 (800x532) DSC_0191 (800x532) DSC_0189 (800x532)

There are too many recent documented sightings to not worry about Great Whites. There are other surfers, but if there’s not enough, your odds aren’t that good!

DSC_0170 (800x532) IMG_6321 (598x800) IMG_6322 (800x598)

Just look how beautiful this beach is! Look but don’t touch. Or you could end up sharkbait.

IMG_6340 (800x598)

<p style="text-align:left; maybe we should be more like a shingleback. Without a care in the world.

IMG_6338 (800x598)

We had an epic day exploring the bays south of Streaky Bay.

IMG_6326 (800x598)

Perfect weather for a swim. A safe swim behind some reef in knee deep water. Just try to get these boys to do the same pose at the same time!

IMG_6358 (598x800) IMG_6356 (598x800) IMG_6354 (598x800)

This is the best ‘Loo with a view’ I have ever seen! It even had a perfectly positioned window.

IMG_6331 (800x598) IMG_6332 (800x598)

Streaky Bay is the kind of place we could while away a few days. It’s a great fishing spot apparently but for us it was easier to buy fish and chips for dinner and relax on the foreshore with a sunset beer while the pelicans and seagulls watched us closely.

DSC_0212 (532x800) DSC_0202 (800x532) IMG_6315 (598x800)

The 1970’s Australian movie ‘Blue Fin’ was set here. I might go look it up.

And so ends another day. Mum has just booked her flights to come and meet us in Esperance next week! I am beyond excited.

Everyone is good and happy and beaming. We have our shit days too, just like anyone else, but these are few and far between and it’s usually only after a big hard day of packing up, driving, setting up…. It’s worse when you only have short 1 or 2 night stays. So we plan on rejuvenating here until we head West again and conquer the Nullabor. Tomorrow Brian might try and conquer the other thing, the shark thing, but I don’t mind if he doesn’t

.IMG_6368 (598x800) IMG_6369 (598x800) IMG_6367 (598x800)

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